• yes they always were ! an the song sucks' think paul wrote it.
  • Mike Love from the Beach Boys was sitting in a hotel lobby when Paul McCartney came down for breakfast. The two of them chatted for awhile, and Love suggested that The Beatles incorporate a little bit of a Beach Boy sound in a song, "Like we did in California Girls." McCartney was impressed with the idea and used some Beach Boys' elements in this song: Instead of "California Girls" is was "Moscow Girls." Plus, the definitive Beach Boy "Oooeeeeoooo" in the background harmonies. Things were tense when they were working on this album, and Ringo walked out during recording, briefly quitting the band. Paul McCartney played drums in his place. The title was inspired by Chuck Berry's "Back In The U.S.A." The Beatles originally wrote this for actress and model Twiggy. The line "Georgia's always on my mind" in a play on the Ray Charles song "Georgia On My Mind." It has a double meaning, since Georgia was part of the U.S.S.R. Some info from
  • As Galeanda says, it was just a lighthearted play on other sounds and influences. That whole album was all over the board. But yes, they were probably all stoned.
  • The song describes a bad flight from the United States to the U.S.S.R. on board a British BOAC aeroplane and mentions the beauty of Soviet women, the sound of balalaikas ringing, and the pleasure of returning home to his own country. Source wikipedia.
  • As much as I like the Beatles, "Back in the USSR" is one song I do not really like, melodically and lyrically. I think they were caught up in the crazy times of the late 60s and their heads were filled with drugs. They were out of it sometimes.
  • Fact from fiction, truth from diction. When I was younger and listened to the Beatles just for the songs, most did not make any sense or have any meaning. Lucy in The Sky With Diamonds, the lyrics were trippy, did not make sense but I was a kid the song didn't have to. Same with Maxwell's Silver Hammer, or Lady Gadiva. I did not really like Back in the USSR when I 1st heard it becaise compared to other Beatles Songs it was weak, did nothave the Beatles flare. But as I got older and realized the song is more parody or satire I had a different appreciation for it.

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