• No, I don't beleive in doing much to a double coated breed. When you shave the outer coat you ruin the effect of the guard hairs and they lose some of the protection, including sun protection from the hair. And you keep placing all your questions in an Outside the Bag category which isn't the best place for them. This one should have gone into Dogs>Grooming so I moved it for you. If you place everything in OTB then they get lost and people who could answer the questions can't find it. But people who do have knowledge or like dogs might find it in Dogs.
  • One needs a good trim;) But they both need baths;)!!
  • My Cocker Spanial does. All breeds of non shedding or in my case non seasonal dog should get a trim every few months or so depending on how much you care about your pets appearence.
  • There are some dogs that really require special haircuts like cocker spaniels and wired terriers. Any dog may need to be groomed to remove multiple mats or are too fidgety for you to handle. YOu can have a pro help you with this co it takes more than household tools to get this job done. You can try and learn more here:
  • One of them does, my little Westie looks like a sheep at the moment! :))
  • No, she never will, short hair =]
  • i dont have a dog but ive thought of getting one

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