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  • First of all you might want to try getting some toys that are closer to lifesized. I know if my hubby came after me with something like that I would scream and run away. Your wife can possibly get pleasure out of this experience too, but you need to focus on what turns her on. I mean after all isn't the sexiest thing about being with your wife seeing her on the edge?
  • 13 inches is too much, no wonder she doesn't like it...the vagina isn't even half that deep so all you are doing is causing her pain or discomfort while trying to fit that whole thing in there. try stimulating her clitoris with a vibrating dildo to start with and then once she has a good experience with that (an orgasm) slowly introduce other toys...why don't you let her pick the next toy you use.
  • That's just mean! My husband's is around 10 inches and it hurts if he shoves the whole thing in. I can imagine what 13 inches would feel like and I'm no sissy, but it sounds horribly painful. You might want to stick to watching hardcore porn if you want to see freakish insertions. What if your wife was turned on by anal fisting? Would you let her do that to you?
  • First, don't ask her to use toys that you've used on other people. You can only expect her to use new ones or ones you've only used with yourself. Second, the one you describe sounds like a torture device. It should be destroyed.
  • If you keep doind those stupid things, your GF will get used to large toys, and she will leave you for a man with a real large penis. You are setting the stage and you are training your GF to like large penises, when that time comes, do not cry baby, because she will have learnt that you are way too small for her.
  • You are stupid.
  • Well if she does not enjoy them of course she is not interested in them. Sounds like you are using them just for your own amusement.
  • First, select your toys together. Since sex is about both of you, the things you do to make it different should be selected by both of you. Also, assuming that you are not using her, you should accept that maybe she does not like toys, in which case, respect her wishes. Finally, and this will throw you, if you want her to use toys, be prepared to have toys used on you. My gf wanted to try anal sex on me and while I was less than thrilled, I thought I should be open to it. Surprisingly, it was an amazing role reversal and it felt pretty good. Would not want to do it every day, but my willingness to indulge her fantasies made her more open to mine, and ended up to be more arousing than you might think.

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