• Give it a little punch and it should start closing auto.
  • Call SONY Technical Support (1-800-345-SONY). I called SONY Technical Support when my disc tray wouldn't close. They told me to push, on the disc tray, as hard as it took to get the disc tray to completely close. I had to really push hard to get the disc tray to close, then it slammed shut. I would have never guessed that Sony Technical Support would be telling me to do this, but it worked. Now it will open and close again. I would still recommend calling Sony Technical Support before doing it.
  • I did as you suggested. I pushed it closed as hard as I could, turned it on and it opened and closed properly. Thank you
  • Hey, I would just like to say that I bought a PS2 from a friend. When it got mailed to me the tray didn't work. It would come out about an inch and I noticed it wouldn't go in all the way. I'm glad I found this help topic. You just have to push on the tray a little and now my PS2 works! And to think I was about to send it back! Thank you very much!
  • SORRY! That didn't work for me. Pushing in hard as possible made ratcheting sounds. Now it won't open, with the blue light only flashing.
  • somtimes pushing it hard won't work, you can break your tray or lens. It is not going in because as soon as the tray start to go in, the laser which goes down when tray is out, it start to raise itself, and than colide and block the tray from going in. By pushing in you are forcefully trying to roll the tray on top of lense. If pushing in doesn't work than you have to open the ps2 (many screws)and than open the top of dvd tray case(many screws), than unscrew the screw of the tray itself (just 1 small screw) and takout the trayby raising it and than insert it again an slide it back, and than screw it. Thats it. I don'tko waht cause to lese to behave like that.
  • make sure you have removed your coffee cup.

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