• Of all people... spell the word correctly my dear legal friend.. CEMETERY... greek for "sleeping room"
  • Maybe 50 years. But personally I prefer cremation.
  • I'd rather be burned that way there is no worries for your spouse
  • I'll wait until I'm dead before I start worrying about that. haha. jk. Anyways, yes, Ive wondered. I think my body will decompose entirely before that happens.
  • yes i have, thats partly why i have decided i want to be cremated when i die.
  • Possibly one is never moved.In most cemetaries the bodies have been their for many hundreds of years.
  • There is already a "Burying Guide" or the masterpiece-As I Lay Dying- of the giant writer of the old earth: William Faulkner! If the deads had read it all of them could have bury themselves without our help...
  • No, doesn't really matter to me, I'll be dead. It's up to my relatives if they object. And maybe I"ll be cremated.
  • I am not afraid of death..but I am having a problem with what happens after..that is to say, I think the ecologically correct thing to do would be cremation. My dad is buried in a grave, my mom wanted to be cremated. I would opt for that, except I have this terrible fear of being caught in a fire and burning to death. I would like to overcome that, but I don't know how. I've never been in a fire, so I don't know where that fear comes from. With the horror stories that have unfolded in some cases about the lack of honor and integrity that allows "them" to put multiple people in the same grave and dig them up and move them whenever "they" feel like it..well, it doesn't seem to be to be a good way to go! :)
  • It hardly matters you wont know
  • no and i wouldnt care since id be dead
  • Not important to me. I may not be happy to stay there forever. Might not enjoy company next to me.
  • Never wondered about that. I do find a happy thought in what the scriptures say about hell, the common grave of mankind. Revelation 20:13 states:
  • I don't care where they dump the body after I'm gone. I'd rather no one be offended by the smell of decomp and I've actually stopped thoughts of planning a suicide because I didn't want the sweet little ladies operating the homeless shelter to have to deal with my death and body disposal. I helped clean human brains out of a neighbor's carpet once when her husband shot himself in the head. I'd never do that to my loved ones! In fact I've just decided that if I plan to die I'll wear a diaper. Other than that the government can do whatever kind of experiments they want on my body after I'm dead.
  • The time between the art of archeology and grave robbing is getting shorter and shorter. It used to be centuries before it made the transition to the former. These days it's barely a century before they are digging you up for profit.

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