• Some people say you need to give yourself time to heal by being alone. I never understood this and don't agree with it. Try to hang out with friends and even date light heartedly. Remember that some people can be like a drug to us and there are moments of withdrawal. Learn to put yourself out there when you are ready. Never make a person the center of your life. I wish you the best.
  • You distract yourself by filling your time with any activity that does not allow you to spend endless hours on your own thinking about her. You go out with friends, throw yourself into your job, join a club, if all else fails sit with the parents and watch TV - in other words, you do anything that will allow you to avoid sitting at home, bored with nothing else to do. Yes, you will have to force yourself out of the house and 'no', you won't feel like being sociable. Going out with friends may be the last thing you feel like doing but do it anyway because it will be less miserable than the alternative. Remove the opportunity for you to think about her by occupying your mind with other things - even if it is cleaning the car. It may sound like a dreadful idea but it works.
  • There is no formula, recipe or instructions on living life without an ex. All you can do is endure. Most people will give you advice on doing activities but thats not much help. Spend some time mourning this relationship, no matter how long it takes. Eventually you'll find that each day becomes a little easier than the next.
  • Find someone new, it's the best option.
  • maybe by realizing hes not thinking about you
  • maybe by realizing he moved on
  • maybe by realizing hes not thinking about you

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