• generally thats kind of a step toward a casual relationship, friends with benefits in my experience dont do that, but hey to each their own
  • friends with benefits is just a f*ck buddy. After a night out (usually not together) you hook up do the deed then you don't see them again until the next weekend...
  • yes and no. That all depends on what you both want from the "friends with benefits relationship" i agree with Johntron that PDA in that kind of relationship pretty much means that the two of you may have more feelings for eachotehr than you think and means that you are moving into more of a casual relationship.
  • You usually wouldn't do that with a friend with benefits.
  • depending on where you are and when? If it's just a casual day, I would think not or else it becomes more than just friends right? hmmm toughie
  • If you want too. Some people would like that, others wouldn't. I've only been in that situation once and we did.
  • holding hands would probably be okay, you're friends anyway, and there are moments of closeness ... but as for kissing in public, that's another story ... ;-)
  • This is kind of screwed up, but my ex and I became fuck buddies.. after we broke up. It screwed with my head, but we were affectionate with each other.
  • You don't get all "cutesy" with your hump buddy. They're for HUMPING ONLY! If you start doing those little things of affection, someone will get their heart broken.
  • Let's not get crazy. No public displays of affection. No kissing on the mouth. No expensive gifts...just sex.
  • youre not supposed to, thats blurs the lines
  • i wouldnt its crossing that ever so blurred line
  • I do PDA with my benny-friends. It's one of the ways I tease them and tease their other friends. It's messed up, I know, but I'm a tease like that.

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