• From my understanding, they ask that you do's not like a law.
  • No, NOT CATHOLIC churches. But in SOME FEW CHRISTIAN churches they make the people pay the "tithe" which is donating 10% of ur monthly income.
  • I know mormons ask you to give 10% of your income to the church.
  • I live in south Louisiana and it's 85% catholic and I have never met a Catholic who donated anywhere near that amount. Most Catholics I know just give about $5 a week.
  • I don't know anything about the catholics. But at my church we believe in giving 10% of our income as tithe. The Bible says that we are supposed to give a tenth to God.
  • I grew up Catholic. There is absolutley no doctrine on tithing or giving any portion of one's income to the church. There is no limit suggested other than the plate that is passed during weekly mass, in which most people will put $1-5 dollars in.
  • No church requires any donation. But the standard Tithe in christian churches is 10%
  • The book of Malachai does have a passage that says that a tenth of the increase is due to God as a tithe. The Mormon church bases its tithing doctrine on this passage. As for the Catholic Church, there is no official doctrine that fixes the amount at ten percent. We are to give willingly and with a joyful heart.
  • God no we don't. you encoraged to give with all your heart but i don't know anyone who gives 10% exept the preist who gives almost all of it
  • Tithing is NOT mandatory...but it is certainly appreciated.
  • I am a Roman Catholic and I have never been asked to donate any percentage of my income. During mass we can donate what ever we are able to afford, if all we can afford is a cent then so be it and no one will ever know how much you have given. I give $ 10.00 each Sunday but because I want to donate it. Regards.
  • No, a tithe is not compulsory neither is putting money in the collection plate :o)
  • we always just put $5 in...guess we never got the memo >_<
  • I never heard that.. I put in what I can. Sometimes nothing..Maybe it's the Morman's you are thinking about. They have to give a large %, so do other denominations.
  • No. The Catholic Church does not teach giving 10% to the Church. Tithing is the part of the Mosaic Law that covers temple worship. Jesus fulfilled the Law of Moses. Christians are not held to the ceremonial parts of the Mosaic Law concerning of dietary purity and temple worship. Christians are held to the moral law of God, some of which is expressed in the Ten Commandments. However Jesus took the Ten Commandments to the next step summarizing them into the two Great Commandments: • You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. • You shall love your neighbor as yourself. And teaching things like • Everyone who looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart. • Everyone is our neighbor including our enemies. Therefore we have to go much farther than the original recipients of the Ten Commandments ever dreamed. Catholics need to examine thier personal finances, determine what part of their God-given time, talent, and treasure they can freely choose to give back. For more information, see the Catechism of the Catholic Church, part 3, section 2: With love in Christ.
  • No. Some give more, some less, but it's not mandatory or anything.
  • I think you're talking about Rael maybe? He's this creepy scientist guy who says he met Jesus and had dinner with him, and that also he's building spacecraft so humanity can live on another planet that he knows about...or something. Anyways, you can be part of his organization, by submitting a certain amount of your income to his studies. This guy's damn crazy if you ask me, but I gotta wonder, the people who actually do give him their money, they're even crazier. :/
  • I have read that it is a suggestion that you give 10%, but I have NEVER known anyone to be confronted about what they give. Encouraged as a congregation, but after that it is up to each family or individual to decide what they can afford to give.
  • Me I say follow the money. Our fearless leaders declared church money tax free. You think if it wasn't tax free there wouldn't be as many religion. You really think Benny Hinn and the rest would be there if they had to pay taxes on the money they talk people into giving them in some cases their last dollar. Hinn was heard to tell his people look I got that old ladies last five bucks. You realize religions are money makers? Billions in tax free money. You got the gift to gab you can start your own religion and people will follow.
  • Wouldn't surprise me. And they get away with it too.
  • that's what my church asks for but they don't get it..i give what i can every week usually around $10.00 or so
  • I heard something similar..if you are a hard working, productive American citizen you must donate 30 - 40% of your income to your Government......
  • The 10% figure comes from what the Bible refers to as a "tithe." This concept is from the very early times in the Old Testament, and stems from when one of the early Israelite leaders gave a tenth of everthing he owned to the Temple. [ I searched for the reference, but couldn't find it. ] In New Testament times, the tithe was succeeded by "what God moves you to donate." Since everything the Christian has comes from God, we are to be prepared to give as much of it back in the form of donations as he moves us to give.
  • Nope. It's not required. Mosaic law required that amount in tithes to support the Levitical priesthood. Catholics do not require a certain percentage, though Mormons and I believe some Muslim mosques do.
  • That's mormon
  • Depends who you believe. Again the bible has been rewritten so many times what is the truth? Child of God, there is not a single occurrence in either the Old or New Testament, that shows God's people using 'money' for a tithe. It is also astonishing to learn that in the entire New Testament, there is not one occasion of a Christian tithing food or money. Moreover, it was mentioned only twice by Jesus in the New Testament. On both those occasions, Jesus used it in a rebuke towards the clergy of the day. Once to the Pharisees (law required tithers), who were bringing food to the temple. Jesus said you tithe, mint, anise and cumin but forget the weightier issues of the heart. The second time, again towards a tithing Pharisee. He was being compared to the non-saved, non-Jew, publican who did not tithe. The Publican had a broken heart, showed that he knew his first love very well, ONLY he went home justified. Ever wonder why these New Testament scriptures about tithing are never talked about during the tithing rants? Me too. Especially the one about the only person in good standing with God at the end of the day, was the non-tither. Truth be told beloved, tithing is 'Big Business', the most golden of all calves.
  • it is called tithing (Ty thing)! I don't know that evryone gives the 10% butn when I was young it was a big thing. Hope this helps!

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