• I dont care either way. I loved to be called Babe, doesnt matter who calls it. Its a matter of preferance. So if you are talking about a specfic person, ask them! It sounds awkward, but it really isnt. Just bring it up in conversation and ask them if they liked being called it. fun stuff ~+~
  • If anyone calls me that outside of my husband(who,incidently never uses those nicknames)I have to stop myself from throwing up on them.
  • Well Hon... it wouldn't matter to me as long as it's sincere and I know it is. Good question, Babe!
  • I don't recall ever having called any of my relationships by an affectionate nickname. I use "babe" or "baby" in songs, but not in real life. When I was "flirting" a long time ago, I'd affect a "bogey" accent with a girl I worked with and ask a question ending in "Shweethaut", but again, that was it. It doesn't really bother me when someone else (female) calls ME "hun"... Seems a bit strange, but why let it bother you? People from the South, stereotypically, DO tend to call a lot of people "hon" (hun). Nothing really wrong with that. Now, "baby" on the other hand... (Used to drive my ex and I crazy when a woman we knew and her husband were calling to each other... "Honey"... Though somehow, she made is sound hy "hunnie" (with a bit of a whine in it! LOL))
  • I call my ex babe still, and when me and him were friends we used to call each other hun and babe and stuff. I also call some of my close friends hun and stuff and call some boy mates babe.
  • I have only felt comfortable calling someone babe in an exclusive relationship, other than that i might use dear.
  • i call my girlfriends 'babe'...but other then that? it's to or from my boyfriend, whom i'm living with....! ;)
  • I dont mind being called babe or hun by my boyfriend what I dont like is when people come into MY office and call me HUN....who the hell are they? Just because they are Old doesn't mean they can call me HUN
  • I do the "babe" thing to some people, but NEVER "hun"..ecccch that's as bad as "hubby".
  • It all depends on the relationship and they way you talk to each other. I had a friend I called Toots. I bet most people in this thread will say that's inappropriate - it was fine. Anyone who knew her knew that a "toots" she wasn'. We both found it amazing and friendly. Gotta read things like that as they come up. And - you can always ask her :-)
  • Yes it is. They are simply terms of freindship. My wife and I have other terms that we call each other.
  • Wow - I see some really uptight replies today, my goodness. My wife was born & raised in England and calls everyone Sweet or Love. It's just the way she is. As a result I've picked up on it (to a lesser degree) I've worked with dozens (maybe hundreds) of females, occassionally one of these words slip into my vocabulary - as far as I know it hasn't offended anyone so far. Perhaps one of the reasons is that I make a point early after I meet a new female colleague to tell her about my wife and how much she means to me - I'm sure this puts us both on a new comfort level and reduces the impact if "love or sweet" slip into my conversation. Certainly haven't met anyone as volatile as some writers of the above thank goodness
  • when you either don't know or can't remember their
  • I call a lot of my friends (male and female) Babe, Hun, Sweetie, Sugar, etc. I think it's ok.
  • Being from the North East of England I always get things like hon, pet, love etc, from shopkeepers and anyone that you talk to thats about 45 or over. Some younger people use it but not as much, it doesn't mean anything more than calling someone mate when you're not their mate
  • I think it depends on the people involved. I'm currently talking to a guy I "met" online...we've talked for hours and hours on the phone, but have yet to meet in person. He calls me "babe" and "baby" and it's not awkward at all due to the fact that I feel very comforatble talking to him (since we've done so much of that!)...I actually kinda like it. :)
  • I love when my man calls me "baby" or "sweetie" nothing makes me smile more!
  • "Babe" and "hun" I don't have a problem with. Sometimes they seem overused or inappropriate in a professional atmosphere, but as long as nothing is really meant by it, I have no problem. However, I had one 54 year old lady call me "Sugar pants" (or something along those lines) once, and wanted to know if I was busy that night. Being a 20 year old male at that time, I found that at once revolting, inappropriate, and unprofessional. It's mainly the context. If it's words the individual uses frequently that have no meaning behind them, then it's perfectly fine. If there's more intent there than just friends, that's another matter altogether!
  • I don't care what people call me. Some people don't remember my first name and hun is better than hey you. And those are terms of affection and no one is ever affectionate with me. Like I'm some sort of troll or something.
  • It's okay if your my mom, dad, grandfather, grandmother or significant other. Other than that, it's not okay.
  • I think it's going to be different for every person. Some people aren't comfortable with being called babe or hun at all, ever, no matter who says it. Other people couldn't care less. For me, personally, it's something I'd really rather be called by my bf only. When he says it to me, it's cute. If anyone else called me babe it'd be a bit weird for me. But of course, there's always exceptions.
  • i think it's a southern thing hon
  • OK, it's weird. My supervisor has been in a serious relationship for like a month and I hear her talk to him on the phone and it's "babe" this and "babe" that...I have yet to hear her call him by his name. I put on my headphones because the urge to vomit is huge. HOWEVER, my recently moved-in boyfriend calls me "baby" interchangably with Val and, well, I kinda like it. YET, I hate when people who don't know me call me "honey" or "hun" and "sweetie" is just effing annoying. If they are older, then I understand. I like to call my man by his name but a "baby" sometimes escapes. I also like to call him by food names like "pork chop" "pumpkin pie" "clamshell" (don't ask!), etc. So, I don't like it most of the time, unless it's a close person. I just think it's lazy and well I like my name and I like to hear it spoken.
  • I have a friend that's always calling his GF "babe" so one day I hear'em say it again so I ask him "quick you got 2 seconds, what's your GF's name?" and he thought about it for a few seconds and said "fu@# you man" lol
  • hello,really,i dont know,but i have two contacts that call me those terms of endearment,one calls me babe and the other hun,i dont mind it at all.
  • I went out with this guy twice,it didn't work out, but we still talk time to time. He calls me babe, hun and yes responds on aim "yes dear" My vote... DON'T DO IT! Babe is one thing and can be cute, but just ask yourself if you want her calling you sweetie in front of your friends?

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