• That's not an easy one. The best thing is to accept that they are full, but retain the plate with the food on it. If they are hungry later, let them finish what is on the plate. No treats, no snacks. Sometimes children can only take small amounts in at a time, and need to eat more often than 3 times a day.
  • Have them make their own dinner - within reason, of course. It's better than having them not eat anything. Rules would include the meal being nutritious, and not sugar or fat laden. Also, you might consider making appropriate snacks available later - like celery, apples, carrots, etc. Compromise never hurts. +2
  • I would give them more food later, but make it something healthy. Personally I wouldn't be as worried about how much they eat at a time, but how much they eat in general and that they are getting proper nutrtion.
  • I swear I would keep offering them healthy foods at regular times. Children don't starve themselves. S/he'll get on board LONG before death takes em away. Lol.
  • I was a structured parent. They eat when dinner is served and they eat what is served or they go to bed hungry. They're just workin' 'ya.
  • re-heat their dinner!

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