• I have not used them but I am knowledgeable and have spoken with those ignoramuses, they in general are not up to par with technology. I have also heard a few people are dissatisfied with the high school dropout grade service you get from them. Your best bet is to find a authorized service center for your make or a place that has CompTIA or other industry certifications; both are equallly acceptable. A lot of technology related myth is generated by Best Buy employees and their ignorance. (To the best of my knowledge Best Buy does not require CompTIA certification to work in Geek Squad)
  • (edited to correct typo, 4/3/08) My poor experience with the Geek Squad has influenced me never to buy electronics at Best Buy again. Not only were they unhelpful, they were rude.
  • by all means stay away from the geek squad-bad news, they are more trained to push people to buy new stuff than to fix things as for your drive a quick fix but not a fixall is to use a paperclip, look at front of drive and you will find a small pin hole, use end of paperclip and push end the hole and drawer will open enough that you can manuel pull open but in then end you are going to have to replace the drve more than likely which is not that hard, as for a shop so if you have a Comp-u-bits around they are good and all techs must be COMP TIA, others wise look for smaller one owner shops, they usually have a tech working there that is certifiy, just ask.
  • I was overcharged and my laptop fried 2 weeks later. I mean, the whole computer just died. All I had them do to it was a total system restore as the virus I had on the (now fried) hard drive was not allowing me to do anything. STAY AWAY from them!
  • They are bad people. They have been caught snooping through peoples files and saving personal pictures/documents
  • I have used them before. I would not reccomend them from my expericance. Yes, they cover software and hardware. I am now with Comet On Call and find them so far to give a good knowledgable service! I think it can be hard to find companys with the CompTIA certification etc. Even if companys claim to have these how do you know they are being honest?
  • Wow, I am surprised that evryone else's experiences match mine! I hated the price Geek Squad charged for what I realized later was SUCH a cheap fix. Plus they get a percentage of everything they hawk, so naturally they're running the price up as high as they can for software. I'd stay the hell away from them. What a rip-off! +5
  • I must be the dinglehead here - - for me, the worst thing about the Geek Squad was the huge price ( and that is one reason to find someone local, possibly, that will do the same things for a much lower price ) but the guy was VERY nice and he did not try to sell me a single extra thing. And if he tried spying on me and looking and saving things from my files? That's the risk I'd have to to take if I asked anyone in to fix my computer. At the time, I was very satisfied with the service. Since then, I've found a local person much less expensive. +5
  • They are way overpriced. Go to a local shop. A good one is cheaper and has better people than Geek Squad.

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