• Wow we really need to focus on the more important things in life. Who needs wars, when kids who are supposed to be playing and studying are plotting to kill people?
  • I was so shocked when I read this today. When I was at school we all joked about doing away with the teacher but we were only joking! I am so shocked that they were actually planning to through with it and how well they had planned it
  • Maybe now these teachers will be considered for hazard pay.
  • I found this pretty strange when I heard it. That's a pretty young age to be so hateful. Its sad actually.
  • It's quite deplorable, no doubt. I am a bit worried, though, as to what they'll attribute it to: bad parenting? society as a whole? violence on TV and in video games? One can make a pretty good case for each one of these things, but I sincerely hope that people decide not to pigeonhole themselves into putting all the blame on one factor. When I grew up, the economy wasn't very strong (at least for part of it), the Cold War was going on (again, at least for part of it), TV was pretty violent, there was a much higher crime rate, et cetera. I hated my second grade teacher: among other things she was a racist old lady who believed blacks were mentally inferior. I remember conspiring to put a tack on her seat; we backed out from that plan and never did anything more than threw spit-balls at her once. I think one aspect that people never consider is cartoons. When I was growing up, Saturday morning cartoons were all the rage: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, GI Joe, Batman, Heman, Thundercats - I could go on. These shows all dealt with the struggle of good versus evil, but it wasn't all white and black - there was lots of gray. The characters themselves also struggled with right and wrong, and all had tragic flaws that they tried to overcome. It was pretty freaking deep for little kids. Now what do kids have? Spongebob? A bunch of other cartoons that seem to be based on scatological humor. I'm sure there are others that I'm missing - but they're more of the exception than the norm. So when you have bad parenting, or at least lazy parenting, added with violent video games and television, and remove any form of role models from cartoons, then it's seems to paint the picture pretty clear for what is responsible. I don't know, maybe I put too much credence in cartoons...
  • This really scared me. I have a son who will be 9 in two weeks and is in 3rd grade, so I am aware of this age. Honestly, I know of not ONE kid in his class that would do something like this. It makes me sick to think that there are kids out there like this. I'm probably just very naive, but what kind of families must these children come from? There has to be an influence....what is it?
  • I think this whole friggin world is beyond insane,and getting worse at an expotentionaly incasing rate. There's talk about charging these 3rd graders with thins like, conspiracy,and aggrevated assault. Why stop there? hows about throwing some more 3rd grade words at them, like "racketeering, pre meditation, intent,terrorist threat, aid and abbet, ya know, stuff that 3rd graders should understand HELLO, we're talking about 3rd graders here people. Heres a suggestion, how about "public floggings" we really need to think about that as a deterant to these rampant "little kid crimes". At a school assembly, only invite the whole community, and broadcast it on local tv,construct a giant "bad child" display board or multiple boards all over the country to let all the future "criminal children" know what happenes to "bad kids, have pre and post flogging pictures disrlayed for comparison.And, make the children flogg their own parents, no, have all the children,flogg the parents of each other, one at a time, while chanting "you are a bad parent,look what you brought me up to be. over, and over, while, everyone in the crowd chants, hit them again, hit them again, over, and over. Maybe that will teach them the "law" that they are so blatanty ignoring. After all, isn't that what this great country ia all about? "PUNISHMENT" WE NEED MORE "PUNISHMENT", more JAILS, we need MORE jails, or how about building jails at each school,just for the "criminals" of that school, and their parents, but seperately of course, and, put lots of glass in it, so all the "criminal children" can see what happens in jail, and why they should obay all the "laws",even the ones they DONT know about, because "laws" are "good" people are "bad" we need MORE laws. And, lets make "suprise laws", just to keep wondering, or to make them more aware of the "law". Hell lets make "law" a prerequisite to kindergarten. So, by the time they reach 3rd grade,they will have no "excuse" not to obey the "law". And CAPITAL punishment, lets put "electric chairs" in each school, with glass walls, and bleachers, and have "death assemblies" as constant reminders to "obey or die". And, have "fund raisers, like an "auction" to let the highest bidder push the "button", hell its a "win, win" and everyone has fun. And if the cost is a problem(electricity aint cheap) build gallows,they're "cost effective" and easier to maintain. Ok, now its your yurn to come up with some ideas, have the kids join in, make it a "family project" We must all join together to put a stop to this senseless 3rd grade crime wave. Send your tax deductable contrubution to, "STOP 3RD GRADE KILLERS BEFORE ITS TOO LATE"jk
  • I hadn't heard any of this! Could someone please tell me where it occurred, so I can search for an article?
  • Terrible, shocking. What is happening to society!?
  • the Ten Commandments have been outlawed in schools. The students are taught there are no absolutes. We're going to see a lot more of this
  • My thought is that is must be an anomaly, but with the scattered reports of school shootings, freeway snipers, and such, I have to say it was all predicted in the 1960's. Scientists experiments with overpopulated rat habitats saw it coming. OVERPOPULATION is the cause.
  • I am honestly not surprised at all. The date on this article is April 1st, 2008. Are you sure it's not an April Fool's Day joke?
  • That the teacher did something to ask for it. Think about it. You might get one psycho 3rd grader, but what are the chances of getting 10 homicidal kids all in one class by chance? Something motivated those kids to act together and take desperate measures. If it were one kid, I'd say look at the kid and examine his home. 10 kids, you've got to examine the common denominator -the teacher. Probably a child molester or something... :-/
  • They should be charged and sent to juvie detention.
  • This is a crazy F'd up world we live in...and it's only getting scarier!
  • they are horrible planners! horrible i tell you. i guess it worked out for the teacher. hopefully one day she dont get run over by a school bus full of 3rd graders...irony???
  • My thoughts are to arrest each and every parent of those children who is responsible for kids thinking like that.
  • That's what you get when you let the federal government control education
  • I work in a recreational facility with 6-11 year olds and that is just scary. A seven year old wasn't listening to me yesterday and this was the conversation: me: why are you talking? him: because I can do what I want when I want me: but there are rules that everyone has to follow and you do too him: not me me: I don't know who taught you that you don't need to listen, but you do. You can't just do whatever you want. him: yes I can And the whole time he had a mean look in his eyes so I asked him why he looks so mean and he said he hates this place. He seriously scared me and this story reminded me of him. *I had him leave the room to talk to an adviser and they told us his mom is going to jail and they aren't sure who he is currently living with (grandma or dad or cousin)
  • Makes me wonder just how bad of a teacher he was, quite frankly. If, maybe he was abusive. Oh, and, makes me think about renting Children of the Corn again.
  • My thoughts on this article: When I was in third grade, I was violent. This is because my parents always neglected me and abuses me. I was a depressed eight year old. I grew up with not a lot of things. So this article does not surprise me. I'd wonder how they learned to bring in the weapons, duct tape, and everything? And how did they learn to commit murder? I think that parents need to shield their kids from violent video games..(I believe that kids in the third grade are too young to play video games)They should watch some cartoons, not a murder crime story, like CSI!!! They should not be exposed to murder stories at such a young age!! Don't implant ideas in their head...they're too young! And parents need to learn how to parent their own kids. Seriously, if you don't know how to take care of your kids, then don't have them.
  • If third graders are plotting to kill their teacher these days, I wonder what my high school students have in mind for me?
  • "Where the hell are their parents, and who let these kids obtain such weapons?" depending of course on what sort of weapons we're talking about. I can see how they could possibly sneak in steak knives, in a weird sort of way.
  • the teacher better not touch them defending themself... our nation sayes that is illegal. anyone want to shoot the moronic law makers who made teachers helpless?
  • First of all, there's something to be said for collusion. I mean, what one person would never do is not necessarily the same as what they would or wouldn't do if 9 of their friends are doing it. Our personalities tend to take on characteristics from our environment. Second of all, 9-year olds aren't really living in the same world as adults are. They're still learning about life and their consciousness of the world is partially determined by imagination or fantasy. This is normal, and it's especially normal when you have a group of kids together making a plan of some kind. I'm not saying a 9-year old doesn't know the difference between good and bad, but they don't necessarily understand the consequences of their actions. Most 9-year olds don't have a clear understanding of death or even of life. Taping the windows, bringing weapons to school, hating your teacher -- this sounds like a game. They could easily have gone through with it, not realizing until after their teacher was dead what exactly that means.
  • if they had planned the whole scenario out, the covering of the windows, the bringing in of weapons, then they would be, regardless of age, guilty of conspiracy to commit murder, and should be placed in the appropriate detention facilities, and undergo psychiatric evaluations.
  • Wow, since it's unlikely that all of these 10 kids were psychopaths it really makes me wonder what the teacher did. I mean, it must take some provoking for a whole group of kids to plan something like this.

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