• As long as the player character's stats are sufficient to meet any class requirements, you can multiclass, but you may lose benefits of the druid level if you use any items/weapons/armor that are forbidden to druids but allowed to monks. The reverse may also be true.
  • also, if you take a lvl in monk then you have to stick with monk because once you go back to the druid then your cant gain any more monk lvls. you cant go back to the monk after leaving it. you wont lose any abilitys but you wont be able to gain any more
  • The easiest way to do it is to continue with druid until you reach the highest level you want in druid, then swap to monk. So long as you stick to monk after that, you're fine. If you leave the monk class you don't lose the features but you can never gain another level in it.
  • I prefer a multi-class Druid/Ranger/Rogue/Fighter I miss being able to play that character more, but as I DM now, having a level 64 character aiding a currently level 3 party is overkill, lol, they'd never be doing anything. Half-Celestial Druid 20/Ranger 20/Rogue 20/Fighter 4
  • yes you can there is a feat in the ebberon handbook that is called monistic training which allows you to pick one class and multiclass with that one class and monk.
  • You can, but going strictly by the rules you would have to be lawful neutral, have a limited number of weapons, and you'd have to forgo armor to get many of the monk's abilities. And you can't leave the monk class and return. Another option would be to take levels in Swordsage from The Book of Nine Swords, which is Tome of Battle's equivalent to monk. The Tome of Battle makes fighting classes more like spellcasting classes. But remember there's no rule that the DM can't overrule. If you want to alternate druid and monk levels, your DM may let you if you can think of a good enough reason for it. Mine was ok with me multiclassing a monk and returning to monk, since I thought of a reason for it to make sense.
  • Sure. By rule you would have to be LN though and couldn't progress in monk after leaving it. Or if you have access to Unearthed Arcana, one of the class options for druid allows them to pick up a number of monk powers without multiclassing.
  • Well, everyone seems to have this in order, as summary, your choices seem to be: Dip monk, but never return. Burn a feat to be able to multiclass from monk. Get a DM's permission. A druid's oath should give you no problems with the monk class, so go right ahead.
  • Yes but it is not easy. You have to get a feat that allows you to multiclass monk and spellcasters. the trick is the spell caster has to be able to cast 2nd level spells and I believe you have to start as monk first and once you take the 2nd class you cannot advance as monk or you will NEVER beable to level as monk again. I am doing this with a 3rd level monk, makeing him multiclass with sorceror (he thinks the "spells" are comeing from his Ki and not magic) when the sorceror can cast 2nd level spells (4th level) I can then start advanceing in monk again.
  • yes it is possible you need to be Lawful will leveling monk but once you leave it or are on your last level that can change (becoming non lawful does not affect your abilities) and to be a druid you need at least to be partially neutral (either the chaos/law or evil/ good alignment) a druid who isnt loses all spells and druid abilities, and cant gain levels till they atone one cavat in this you cant normally stop and start leveling monks so assuming your after a couple of levels id get them all at one go unless your GM is flexible enough to let some optional rules apply (only the core three are not optional and even then the gm can change that...)

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