• I think it depends on the specifics of these relationships. Are they currently confessing their love to her? If so, she should be the one telling them to back off otherwise she won't talk to them anymore. If this is the case, and she is not telling them that, she probably just likes the attention that these guys are offering. Hopefully this is not the case because it's more difficult to deal with than a simple friendship with the ex's.
  • Dump her. She obviously can't stay committed to just one man.
  • Maya you're a douche... Why court a woman who has no respect for her man.. I'm pretty sure be it the other way around, you wouldn't want your man talking to ex gf's that obviously don't respect your current relationship and constantly want to hook up. Has nothing to do with trust, Just respect and common sense. a person can't in the long run marry a person that doesn't respect them.....
  • Easy, dump her like a bad habit.
  • maybe you should get another girlfriend that dont do that
  • Get rid of her ass.
  • she sounds more interested in them than in you, i would dump her
  • If you're willing to marry her, go forward as long as she's willing to put a stop to that. (Knew a lady who took a trip to a wild vacay spot. When she got back, her bf immediately proposed.)
  • She is shallow and loves the attention she gets from them apparently more than she cares for you. How do YOU think you should handle it?

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