• This guy sounds like a jerk - breaking up in a text message - what a coward. Drop him like a hot brick!
  • I wouldn't take him back,only a loser,and wimp would end of relationship by a text message.And then he had the nerve to get with another girl,on the same day he broke up with you! He isn't worth it,so I say move on.
  • Depends if you want to get back with someone who after a two yr r/ship thinks you're worth breaking up with in a lame text message.
  • although evertbody makes mistakes, its a pretty shitty thing to do. i wouldnt take him back, but you gotta use your own intutition on this one! i hope it goes well
  • first off, i am really sorry this happened to you. two years is a long time to be with someone and have them suddenly break up with you. espeacially through something as pathetic as a text message. i understand you may love him, but does he really love u enough to not do it again? trust your HEART not your GUT. good luck
  • I have a lot of sympathy. My ex, who I was with for 2 years, broke up with me via text, then two months later he begged me to take him back. I did, against my instincts, beause I was still in love with him. 6 months later, he dumped me by text *again*. ...So I'm inclined to advise you against it. That's even before we consider that he's been with someone else in between! He doesn't know what love is, if he did this to you. He's just out for himself.
  • If it were me, I wouldn't. Sounds like he dumped you to get with her so he could justify it by saying you were not together. Sorry to say it, but he sounds like a loser.
  • Doesn't sound promising at all.

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