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  • I would probably call a hotline about that if I were you... They could be bluffing to make you stay with them, but I wouldn't take that chance..
  • I would call the police. They can decide at that time in point, if they need to be taken away against their will, for a 72 hour hold. At the very least, it would be embarassing enough for the ex to not continue with threats. And gives a taste of what takes place when one does, whether its a true feeling or an attention getter. I know if I was trying to manipulate an ex to come back to me or whatever, and the police showed up at my door, I would totally freak!
  • I'll tell you what I did do. I called a suicide prevention hot-line and gave them his number. He never did it again. It made me feel like he was trying to control me.
  • I would get to the stage where i would feel it was like the boy who cried wold. My life cannot be controlled by anothers persons weakness or threats I would leave and tell them to ring the Samaritans. People that really intend to commit suicide do not continue to threaten .
  • I told him to go ahead. Never got that threat again. It's for attention. You can still care (unfortunately) but that can't keep you from doing what needs to be done. If you need to walk away you walk away. If they won't let you....well you report them for harrassment to the police and make sure you document any writen or texted communications. But that doesn't mean you don't still care. It sucks.....a lot. No one ever said it would be easy.
  • I would call the police the very first time ... and have them reported for it ... then, while I was talking to the police, I would get started on a restraining order ... I would feel FINE.
  • It did happen to me and I felt angry at the attempt to manipulate me. I told him that suicide was a very personal decision and if he chose it, it had nothing to do with me. I told him that it was a pitiful attempt to use sympathy to get control and I wasn't falling for it. If he did go through with it, he was hurting some people (his kids and parents) but not me. I refused to be responsible in any way for his poor choices. Like Arisztid's experience, the ex dropped his threats as soon as he saw I meant what I said.
  • "Don't give me that crap. You're a man. Now get out there and be one. If not for you, do it for me." Seriously. I most likely would say something like that. Do you honestly think that it's going to help suicidal people by just sitting around listening to their problems all the time? HELL NO. The more you let them dump their garbage on you, the more you're telling them it's okay to not be responsible. You're actually doing them more harm than good by keeping them around longer than necessary.

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