• A little from column A, a little from B. I have three meals normally, but sometimes graze to keep up my sugar levels.
  • I haven't had three squares a day in about 30 years. Somedays I'll eat about six small meals. Other days I'll eat one big meal and not eat again until the next day. I eat when I'm hungry.
  • When I can afford it, I eat as much in a day as I can. LOL. Otherwise, it's one and hope something else comes along to snack on.
  • I grab a bite here a bite there throughout the day. No set time for me to eat. With the kids gone and my husband coming home at odd hours I eat when I get hungry.
  • really depends on my mood and the weather... in winter its normally 3 good meals a day summer its grazing when the need strikes
  • I used to cook and serve three Square meals a day for my boys. Now I don't ever cook a full meal. There's just me here so I basically snack, but not usually on junk food. It's usually either fruit or vegetables. Sometimes I make pasta or Beans and Cornbread but that's about as close to a full meal as I get.

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