• He loves you but doesn't realize it. Yikes.
  • Was this normal between you two before he and she started dating? Is she aware of the affections between you two? If the answers to these are "no"... then yes, it's cheating.
  • Well let me say, if my girlfriend just so happened to be any of these things with another guy... she would be out the door in a heart beat.
  • Ask the girlfriend. And ask yourself, I have a feeling that you already know the answer anyway...
  • Would he tell his girlfriend about how he acts with you? If he's keeping his behavior a secret from her, it's cheating. After reading some other answers and comments here, though, I got a case of the giggles because the whole situation sounds pretty cute. His girlfriend is going to get hurt eventually, you should talk to him about his feelings (and yours). He should really break up with his GF right away if he has feelings for you, because yes, it's cheating.
  • This doesn't meet my definition of cheating, but it doesn't sound completely innocent either. My male friends kiss my cheek and hug me, but they do not cuddle me or hold my hand. I'm sure his girlfriend would not appreciate the fact that he cuddles and holds hands with other girls. I wouldn't.
  • What would you think if it was your boyfriend doing that with another girl?
  • Um...cmon. You dont hold hands and kiss and cuddle with someone you just consider to be a friend, ESPECIALLY if you are in a relationship.
  • Well duh
  • friends can cuddle and kiss, sorry to burst peoples bubbles. its possible its more. friends can become lovers. Though me and my best friends (of which are almost all boys) kiss and cuddle even with the girls, my exboyfriend (as from saturday) was fine with it and knows Im bi. Kisses and cuddles can just be affection, or it could be more personal. If it feels that he's getting overly close then you should ask him. If he's a real friend then he'll be fine with you after and won't make a big deal out of it.
  • Only if the kisses are in your naughty spot!
  • Not necessarily, but that is just plain nasty and cruel (especially the holding your hand bit). You two are WAY too affectionate. It's disrespectful to his girlfriend.
  • sounds like he would like you to be a "friend with benefits".
  • It all depends on 'how' you kiss and hold hands etc when youre doing it lol. Without seeing you both in action its hard to tell whether its innocent or not, you both know in your minds the answer to that ;)
  • In and of itself (what you describe) is not cheating. It's CLOSE, and can EASILY get into the cheating realm, but isn't there, yet. (At least as far as I'm concerned.)
  • Are you stupid? Does it really matter to you if he's cheating on his girlfriend if you're the one helping him? You're encouraging him, so if he is, you're just as guilty! It sounds like you're trying to get him away from his g/f under the name of excusing your behaviour since you two are 'best friends'. Utter foolishness.
  • It's all in the perception his girlfriend would have. Is she aware and would she be OK with it? How would you feel if the situation was reversed and you were the girlfriend?
  • I know that if you was in a relationship with someone and you walked in on them cuddling and holding hands you would get jealous and consider it "crossing the line". You need to respect yourself enough to set boundaries. you need to respect her enough to understand how she would feel. You need to tell him to respect you both.
  • I think not. Unless he declares that he loves you more than a friend. XD
  • Well. . .let's just say. . .if I was his girlfriend, I wouldn't like it!
  • uhhh... could be taken that way. If its making you feel like it is, you should tell him to stop. and you may want to tell your friend to find a new bf.
  • if the gf is really understanding than no but if she is really protective of her "territory" she might consider it cheating even if its all innocent

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