• No, bees do not get drunk on honey (unless, of course it has fermented). However they can get a tad sluggish from a lot of it (just think how you'd feel after eating half your weight in food). this is actually a safeguard against fire. if the bees smell smoke they will proceed to gorge themselves is case the colony must flee. we beekeepers use this to calm the insects down; we blow smoke into the hive which causes them to, through the aforementioned process, become somewhat sluggish.
  • Bees get drunk from drinking alcohol, just like the rest of us. Bees drink pure ethanol, and they love it! In fact some of them are like addicts and drink so much they can't do their jobs and the hive kills them.
  • Bees may not have a good reputation because of their ability to sting, but many are important and beneficial. Honey bees are the bees with the best public image. We see them as industrious ("busy as a bee") and we appreciate their main product, honey, as setting the standard for all that is wonderful and sweet. Here we will discuss some basic facts and history about bees
  • No, they prefer sweet sherry.

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