• I try my best to make up an excuse so not to hurt their feelings.
  • being honest is usually always best if being invited by someone you are close to. otherwise a small white lie is appropriate not to offend someone you don't know very well
  • When something like that comes up, I'm usually "Very Busy" and unfortunately can't make it. ;-)
  • Nah, I just tell them I don't feel like going. Hopefully they can understand and respect that.
  • I usually tell that truth that it's not somewhere I want to go. I don't have to look far for an excuse if I needed one.
  • If you go, you might hurt their feelings by your crabby attitude.
  • My good friends know that I won't do certain things,so they ask my anyway to get my goat!lol!Sometimes I've used excuses and sometimes straight forward answers.If I know them to be a bit pushy,then they'll get a bs excuse.
  • I'm kind of infamous for it.
  • i would rather be honest about not going.
  • I don't tend to lie or make up phony excuses. I just say "Thanks for the invite, but I can't make it, maybe another time." and that usually works just fine. But, if they press for a reason, I just keep saying "I have other plans.", and don't go into more detail. My plans basically are to spend my time some other way, even if that is just watching TV. :D
  • I have no problem saying that I don't want to go/do/whatever. If there are hurt feelings, I simply explain more gently and make a note to try to be available next time I am asked.
  • It is NEVER good to lie. The best way to handle this is to say, "I'm sorry, but I've made other plans." It doesn't matter if the 'other plans' are to watch TV and eat popcorn - you are still telling the truth.
  • My husband is FAMOUS for his lines. "Sorry, Nate... I can't bring you the key to the practice pad... they're on the keychain for the little car, and I'm in the truck" should read "Nate, you're a thieving scumbag and if you think I'm letting you alone in a room with over $15,000 worth of instruments and recording equipment you've got another thing coming, buddy." And "I'm sorry, Todd... we were going to go to the show, but my wife's blood pressure dropped again, and I don't want to risk a fainting spell, especially since there are no chairs for her to sit in" really means "Todd, your band sucks, every new song you write sounds like the last concert you went to, and I am NOT subjecting my unborn child to that crap".
  • gee Sara i sure would like to answer your question but I've got this killer deadline at work right now :)
  • I would make up a white lie, it is horrible to be some place you don't feel like it. So a white lie does not hurt anyone but it must always be more or less around the truth so I don't forget what my white lie was. I have done this several times, I don't see any need to stress myself with an unwanted invitation. Regards
  • hi sara, babieeeeee, i'm usually a good sport and go....i'm good to go if it's something i've never done before.....i'd like to keep my options open......but if i don't wanna go then i just tell'em that and why....they just gotta respect my decision.
  • Well. I was invited to this anal bleaching party....

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