• Guinness Staut, and Guinness Draught.
  • we are such an americanized family potato salad, green salad and some kind of tri tip
  • Every holiday we have the same thing... turkey stuffing cranberries sweet potatoes mashed potatoes and gravy rolls This is my girls favorite meal :)
  • We have exactly what the grocery store has the best sale on. If they are practically giving away corned beef and cabbage, then I will buy it. The same thing goes for ham, green beans, and yams. I also buy up a lot of Gefilte Fish and Matzo when they are on sale. I love holiday food sales.
  • A big slab of ham.
  • Turkey and ham. With cranberry sauce, stuffing, and gravy. The traditional stuff.
  • I buy groceries when they are on sale. That means a ham at Christmas. I cut it up and and freeze it in half pound portions. Same with hamburger: when it goes on sale for two bux a pound I buy fifty pounds, divide it up and freeze it. Eight years ago butter went on sale for a buck a pound so I bought a hundred pounds. About half of that is still in the freezer. So when a holiday comes, I see what's in the freezer and that is what I eat.
  • chicken and mashed potatoes on Easter. St.Patrick's is not a holiday for me.
  • Abbacchio typical Roman dish for easter
  • Depends on where in the world you are, but on Easter my family typically does ham, potato salad, and stuff like that. Usually they don't celebrate St. Patrick's day because he wasnt actually Irish, but sometimes my dad makes Guinness pies and corned beef.

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