• I believe nothing is "meant to be".
  • I think so...I am not 100% sure but fairly confident.
  • Not really. I'm not particularly fond of that phrase. I've observed people use that reasoning mostly "after the fact" or just before it as conditioning for a possible dissapointment.
  • No. There is no such thing as fate.
  • Yes, if it is meant to be, it will come to past, it will happen.
  • 6-20-2017 Why do people talk about "meant to be" when they deny a supreme being who inflicts it upon us? And if they believe in the supreme being, why don't they read the book he gave so we could know him? This entire subject is bonkers any way you look at it.
  • In the deepest place of life when there is no efforting, no forcing, no contriving, the natural arising of certain intersections of people and situations are meant to be as an afterthought. Trying to convince someone that "something in particular is meant to be" before it is so can be fed by wishful thinking.

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