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  • Leave it alone!
  • Try aloe vera. It has specific chemicals which take down the imflammation and swelling, and will give quick relief. Make sure you're only wearing natural materials like cotton. Synthetics won't help.
  • I jack off 3-4 times a day. I always use alavera cream on my cock to keep it moist. I'm also uncut so I dont rub my dick as much. try moving the skin on your shaft rather than rubbing up and down on your cock. That will cut down on the irritation and increase the pleasure let me know how it works
  • you could be having a reaction to the lubricant....try another lubricant...
  • I would say cut down on playing with it and keep using lubricant.How old are you?
  • Do as Popeye did...soak it in olive oyl!
  • Same thing is happening 2 me right now. It dosen't hurt but this never happened before. Just moistureize it, dont beat off any more for a little bit and see a docter if it continues for more than a week. Thats what I will probily be doing.
  • Take a break. Dont do it for about two weeks and then see what happens.
  • It sounds as if you've literally "rubbed it raw." You need to keep "hands off" for a while and have a "time out" until the dryness, redness, and (I assume) soreness have all disappeared. The male organ is very flexible (no humor intended!) but can be abused to the point of injury. You're probably it didn't get infected. Good luck!
  • Stop masturbating. What is the Bible

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