• G'day JohnthePyro, Thank you for your question. At home, it is e-mail and Internet browser. At work, I'd add a word processor, spreadsheet and calendar/organiser. Answerbag isn't essential but a lot of fun. Regards
  • 1. My internet surfboard which is usually Firefox. 2. Microsoft Word. 3. My audio file player which is Musicmatch Jukebox. 4. My D-drive as a CD player/recorder.
  • I regularly use MS Word (word processing), Adobe Photoshop (image manipulation), Coda (web development), iTunes (multimedia), Firefox (web browsing), TextMate (text file editing), Mail (email), Adium (instant messaging), Safari (web browsing), Finder (file browsing), Terminal (all sorts of stuff), and Eclipse (Java development).
  • Linux Ubuntu operating system Open Office for Linux Assembler for Linux C, C++, Visual C for Linux SDK Software Developper Kit for Linux __________ MS-Windows XP Pro operating system my custom made web browser anti virus firewall e-mail cell phone MP3 & camera software internet service provider software bundle Open Office for Windows MS-Office MASM (Microsoft Assembler) MS-Visual Studio MS-SDK __________ ... everything else is usefull addons and fun stuff, but not absolutely essential.
  • The operating system. I don't really care which one but I am used to Windows XP even though I still put everything in classic mode. (I hate change) Then a web browser but I don't care which one. Then I have to have MS Office. I use Access, Excel, and Outlook everyday.
  • If you are using your computer for office use make sure to have application that can cater all your communication has the tool that can unify all your communication system. This is essential for the success of your business.
  • What ever computer applicaion you have is good as long as you maximize the capabilities of your unit. You can install it with application where you can do online faxing or make it a part in the unification of your communicaiton system. Theres a desktop application where you can view your incoming voice messages and faxes using your PC. could help.

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