• He was one of the giant Rephaim, but his size is not given in the Bible. The powerful Amorite king of Bashan (1Ki 4:19) whom the Israelites defeated before crossing into the Promised Land. Og was one of the giant Rephaim. In fact, his immense iron bier (perhaps a sarcophagus of black basalt) measured 4 by 1.8 m (13.1 by 5.8 ft). (De 3:11) He and Sihon ruled the Amorites E of the Jordan. (De 3:13; 4:46, 47) The domain of Og extended from Mount Hermon to the Jabbok, territory E of the Jordan that included 60 fortified cities and numerous rural towns. (De 3:3-5, 8-10; Jos 12:4, 5; compare Nu 21:23, 24.) His two principal cities were Edrei and Ashtaroth.
  • the commentaries mention that moses was 20 amoth high, 20 feet high and his stick was 20 feet high. now if he put the stick over his head to make a height of 40feet high, it would barely reach Og's ankle bone.

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