• I see, you got your tongue pierced and someone else is STUPID?
  • That shouldn't add more than a day or two to the healing time, assuming that the change took less than a couple of minutes. As for the dumb-ass who forgot to account for post-piercing swelling, NEVER go back to him and recommend that your friends don't either. Any competent piercer would never make such a mistake.
  • I would like to tell you that you need to research your piercer/tattooist before you have them pierce or tattoo you! It is your responsibility to be aware of the cleanliness of the studio and the abilities of the artist you choose.
  • Id say about another 2-3 days, everyones body reacts differently to new piercings so i could be wrong.
  • well it takes just over a week from the 1st day for the tongue to go back to normal, plus the interference so cpl more days! like in a another answer never use that piercer or anyone in the same shop again, and advise any friends against going there!
  • Nikki!! Stop asking these questions about your tongue piercing and go to the piercer and ask these questions.

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