• I would give her time. If you push her to a relationship, she may very well shrink away from you. Enjoy the time you have with her and appreciate her for what she currently is to you. Stay who you are, if she chooses to persue you, it's better that she is seeing the REAL you rather than a phony front.
  • Better herself how? Emotionally, physically? Have you talked about it with her? Maybe she feels funny about dating somebody from work. Or, just got out of a bad relationship. Or, doesn't feel that she's physically attractive enough. If you like her that much, not a whole lot you can do except decide if she's worth the wait. Good luck!
  • Let it play out-- don;t rush her -- give her room--maybe she's being honest or maybe she doesn't want to date you..don't pressure her
  • Just be friends for now and give her space. It'll happen naturally.

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