• thats not good, if the fan hasn't worked and you used your comp it could over heated of even fried, not good
  • Have you tryed checking all the connections on the computer inside and out?
  • you may have fried some parts of your motherboard due to overheating, though that's not likely. Many new systems will not boot if they do not detect a working cpu fan. buy a new fan, either install it yourself if you're comfortable with it, or have a tech install it for you and see if your pc works then. if not, replace your motherboard/cpu.
  • I had the same problem yesterday. I noticed this past week my pc was overheating and shutting down. I thought it was my gfx so replaced and it still did it, then i noticed the power supply fan was not moving. I removed the power supply, took it to bits, the fan was stuck solid, so I cleaned it oiled it, re fitted. It works better than before now, quieter, cooler and most of all 20 degrees cooler 0,o Took me 10 mins to do and saved me some money too :D

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