• no offense but he sounds like a loser to me...if he has the audacity to have sexual chat in text messages..then he isnt mature enough to have a REAL relationship
  • I am going through the same situation. My Girlfriend started talking with a guy from work. She said they were just friends, but her daughter (who lives with us) heard her tell the guy she was going to buy condoms. Also, she whispers I LOVE YOU to the guy very low and she thinks we cannot hear her. She texts him all the time. She blocked her phone so I could not check it or anything. She says she LOVES ME, but I know she's cheating. So, I would not trust him.
  • How can HE trust YOU??? What are YOU doing checking his phone? Sounds to me like you are both too immature to be in a relationship.
  • No you can't trust him. Pretend you're a neutral third party reading this question. Would you even have to ask?
  • Why have one when you can have ten? I mean eleven. You know? No, but, well, doesn't really sound like he is ready to settle down with one person does it?
  • Why did you check his phone? You already had a feeling didn't you? And it doesn't sound like he's got just one or two girls, but ask yourself, how on earth did 10+ girls get his phone number unless he wanted to give it to them. This goes beyond being flirty. And beyond having fallen for one other person. He's a player. He's not ready to be a one and only. I'm so sorry but there is no way to trust him as he isn't ready for faithful and honesty.
  • Things were NOT "great until you checked his phone". You THOUGHT they were great. Will you ever trust him again? Well, it's possible. However, that doesn't mean that you ever will.
  • i wouldnt trust someone like that

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