• I would give that a hell yeah. I am sick and tired of seeing crazy kids shooting up malls and schools and the parents acting surprised. Hello, maybe if you spent some time with your children they wouldn't be out trying to injure others and maybe you just might recognize the warning signs if they were up to no good. The only reason my 8 year old would have a cell phone was if she had to walk back and forth to school and there was some a-hole trying to kidnap her. People are creepy these days and I would want her to be able to call 911 Thankfully she rides a bus.
  • No. I just think that more parents should be more responsible with the way they are raising their children. A parenting course shouldn't be necessary.
  • I think all parents in every country would benefit from parenting classes and I think cell phones would be great for 8 year olds who are left to walk home alone - one call could save their life.
  • Honestly..I can see where you are coming from with this...but in this day and time where you see so many school shooting and preditors lurking around school areas I would feel better with my son/daughter been able to contact me at any given moment...
  • i've noticed that school shootings keep getting brought up and i really honestly don't want this to be a politically motivated answer but this is just reality, liberal groups are letting things get to their heads and make it sound soooo terrible to hurt someones feelings no matter how little the case is. i don't know if i explained that right but people more and more nowadays get way too offended over the dumbest things and then kids are born into a world where someones feelings get hurt over saying merry Christmas (just an example) and then it just comes natural for them to get feelings hurt so then things get way out of hand easier, i mean i didnt grow up in the old days but i never heard of any school shootings then and seems like then when someone was made fun of they would suck it up and shit was fine......i mean its to the point where a jr. high in my school district is taking competitive games out of gym class and they even straight up said the reason was to not make anyone feel left out......GIVE ME A BREAK!!!
  • Parents do need to get a backbone. Kids are irresponsible and unreliable. Besides, what good does a cell phone do an eight year old in school where they aren't allowed to use them? Not only that, some terrorist could link that cell phone to an explosive device and blow up something. Parents need to be realistic and not spoil their kids rotten based on faulty logic that cell phones are effective in schools where they are not allowed to be used.

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