• Actually I think it was a brand called Cannon, also he used Brillcream?
  • Yep !I have been known to use a little Old Spice or Aqua Velva every now and then myself ;-)
  • my dad STILL uses brut - my mom loves the smell so she makes him wear it he he. i'm not a male, but i do now associate it with the older generation.
  • My father rarely used anything but he started out using Old English and went to Russian Leather. I loved it! It even smelled better on me and men just couldn't resist telling me how great I smelled:-) I don't think any smell makes me think 'old'. They only bring back good memories or I just think it smells nice.
  • Yep my dad did but I would never use it because nowadays has changed so much from then, even in smells! If you smell after shaves such as Brut or Old Spice they are so different to modern day Calvin Klein or Hugo Boss. Brut is a very "clean" smell, Old Spice is a very "manly" smell. Modern day aftershaves are leaning more towards a metrosexual smell which aim to smell nice and scented.
  • My dad never used perfumed "after shave lotion". He used witch hazel. He also used a little talc on his chin and nose to cut the "shine". I still use witch hazel after shaving. I may use a dab of cologne on "special occasions", but not for every day.
  • My dad didn't use much aftershave, but when he did, it was always Old Spice. He used the deoderant too. So everytime I pass someone that is wearing it, it is a smell that you never forget and it takes me back.
  • My dad used Old Spice, every day. I don't associate it with an "older generation.." just with my dad when he was in a good mood. (his bad moods smelled like Budweiser)
  • My dad is and old spice man. I like the smell when I was little, but I would think it very weird if my husband would start using it. I don't want my husband to smell like my dad. Eeek.
  • Hi, dad used to use Old Spice..that was very many years ago, but I always think of him when I see Old Spice in the toiletries section of any store! :)
  • I use Aqua Velva myself once in a while...Musk, I believe. I can't really remember what my dad may have used..if anything?
  • Oh yeah, my dad used 'Old Spice' on a daily basis, but when he and mom were going out on a Saturday night, out came the 'Brut'!!! haha.. i still associate these smells with him.
  • I'm a girl but I remember my Grandpa wearing Old Spice. And my Uncle wearing Canoe and Hai Karate. Gosh we have come a long way!
  • No they were terrible. My father used better quality stuff.
  • My Dad used Old Spice. I would, but I don't. I think it's a shame the younger generation of men these days don't take pride or even care in their appearance. (Pssst, I do use, by the way, Brylcreem for that extra shine!).
  • My Dad uses Aqua Velva. I like it because whenever I give him a kiss he smells good and not like beer, lol.
  • Hai Karate
  • My pop uses Brut. He's one good-smelling dude, too!
  • My dad used a Hispanic brand called "Tres Flores" just a tiny bit (a bottle would last 5 years) the funny thing being that we are Jewish. But...cut to me at age 20, meeting a guy I really liked and lo and be-hold, he used "Tres Flores" hair pomade(also not Hispanic, go figure...where are all my Latino men?) Anyway I love those classic, old school scents. The key is, whatever you choose to wear, do it in moderation.
  • I remember both being used, and I used both of them at one time or the other until I quit shaving in 83.

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