• Going thru the same think now last time we hung out was the first week in jan. of this out the blue he called me yesterday and then txt me at night if i wanted to come over...i declined but let him know that we can have drinks sometime, he acted as if he is looking forward to it, but other than that he didn't try and see me this past whole week and he was on vactation....but to make a long story short i think your guy and mine just got scared of their feelings for us!! needed time and now they are just trying to see if they are able to come back...sorta checking the water...hope you proceed with caution...
  • 2-12-2017 A broken relationship stays broken forever. It is best to breakup with a noisy fight and lots of insults so you both know for sure that you can't ever patch it up.
  • i dont think you can ever really know

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