• First date, second date? need more info..
  • I will assume this is your first date. ok, what do you two have in common? music, sports, movies or just reading a book? a date is what you make it. a first date, i would really plan something special, that you believe would really please your date. it does not take a lot of money to have a lot of fun. think about it and plan wisely. I still believe in the old tradition of picking up your date and escorting her to your car. this just sets the mood for respect. Food. everyone is hungry. take your date to a new restaurant. some place she has never been before. it will be a lasting memory. again, plan ahead and make reservations, if necessary. Entertainment. choose a fun location and go for it. whatever floats your boat. Quiet time. i did not say sex time, quiet time. a place where the two of you can talk and get to know each other. communication is imperative and does not cost a dime. this is how people fall in love. mushy? yes, but you asked the question. This tradition of dating is old-fashioned. but guess what? it is still as good today as ever.
  • Well if i were the girl, then invite her to your house. Prepare by lighting candles, buying flowers, setting out condoms, and answering the door naked. You're sure to have a very "lucky" evening! ;) Good Luck!
  • Somewhere you can talk. You should get to know her if you're serious. If not then listen to Anonymous' advice.
  • For a first date, I think simplicity is best. A drink in a local bar, or during the day, going out for lunch in a nice but inexpensive cafe. If its summer you could try a picnic in the park. Just somewhere where you can have a chat and get to know each other better in a neutral environment. First dates aren't the time for extravagant gestures such as expensive dinners or nights in hotels. whilst they're nice, it can seem too full on early in a relationship, as if you're desperate to impress, rather than being the real you. By all means pay for her lunch or buy her drinks and lend her a jacket to be romantic, but don't overdo it. Concentrate on the being together aspect and whatever you pick should be fine. I also think inviting a girl to your house for the first few dates is a little presumptuous. Wait until you've got a better idea how the land lies before you do that.
  • McDonald's, of course! Where else?
  • Take her to the mall. Then lure her over to your van with promises of cocaine and acting spots. The rest is cake.
  • My place. You can come back to pick her up up in the morning. No really, dinner and a movie's pretty cool.
  • Just drop her off at my house. I'll have her home before midnight.

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