• there is a search area on the site where you can find people if you know there name. I found a son I had given up for adoption when he was a baby he is now 26 on myspace.
  • Check my my space page my After never meeting my father, older sis and older brother, in addition to a paternal grandmother, I found them ALL last year. It took a few phone calls, but it helps more if the person (or their listed relatives) are in the white pages. I used PEOPLEFINDERS.COM, USSEARCH.COM and then the white pages. It wasn't that hard but it took a few days and I had to call a few "Charlenes" in Raleigh, NC, but my profile and videos tell it all. Also found my daughter's older brother(who's 16) from my ex's earlier relationship, on MYSPACE. Now his mother and I realized with are both in Maryland and going to let the kids meet up in July!!! The internet can be a wonderful thing(if used accordingly!). Good luck or contact me if you need more help!! :-)
  • Hello, i am not a professional headhunter.. whatever you call those people. But i have skills that can find people based on their online footprint and if you want me to help i only need a few basic characteristics/identifiers/clues and i can start searching. no i cannot tell you how i do it, but if you do want help it would be no problem.
  • probably facebook. If you know their last name you could try to even find their family and send them messages asking them to help you get in contact with them. Also the yellow pages. You can do a search by name you might br able to anyways. That could help. Even if you only find a relative of them with the same last name you could call them and try to get them to help you. Good luck in your quest to ffind your friend :)!
  • Facebook..
  • I would send an email to,,, etc

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