• Well, i don't see that not talking three days is such a big deal and I don't know what you consider "barely" seeing eachothger. But if you really spend your time together arguing you might ask why you call him your boyfriend-it doesn't sound like much of a relationship.
  • yeah I think you can do better. good luck!!!
  • How does he view the relationship? Does he feel the same way? It seems to me that you are here asking because you feel we could give advice on making you guys work as opposed to just looking for the answer of breaking up or not. Try things before breaking up with him. How serious of a boyfriend is this? If it is constant fights and you guys feel you should stop hanging out with your friends (like your guy friends and him with his girl friends) then the guy better be worth it to give up and make that big of a change in your life. Definitly talk to him and let him know that you don't like the fighting and you feel the fights happen only for whatever reason they are happening for. He might agree and you guys could make changes in both of your lives to prevent these arguments from happening. Let him know you want him to call more, he may feel that he is doing alright by not calling for days. Is a lot of this over trust? That is another problem it seems like from your question. Talk to him; you need to have trust in a healthy relationship. If it has already been too bad and you feel there is no help for this, don't put yourself through the problems anymore and leave. Good luck.
  • It sounds like maybe neither of you is relly ready for an emotional relatiosnhip. He doesn't seem to make it a priority and if you both argue about friends and jealousy rather than spending your time productively, it's probably not a very healthy relationship. Good luck.
  • i am on the other side of this thing and im am like the bf on the other end and i would say do what you think that is right sometimes guys don't like talking on the phone, so see if you could jsut hang out more often in person he would like that i bet and so would you, as for the arguing about friends well that just means that u both have strong feelings for eachother but are still insecure with the other, i would do what you dicision you would be fine with in 3 weeks from now. Best of Luck.
  • It sounds like its been over for a while. But this is entirely up to you two, you guys have to discuss this.
  • Doesn't sound like either of you are treating this much like a relationship anymore. If you feel like you want him to pay you more attention and call you or try to see you more but he won't do it, then perhaps you should consider finding someone who can give you what you need. Give him a chance to work it out though, don't just dump him without trying to fix the problems. Good luck!
  • It doesn't sound like you have much of a relationship anyway. One of the biggest mistakes we make in relationships, is looking at how things used to be, and not looking at what is in front of us. You may have had good times in the past... However, what is in front of you now? If you are not spending time together, and when you communicate it leads to arguing; you may need to move on. It's also possible that he is acting like this so you will break up with him. Either way, I think that you should move on, and find someone who wants to be with you.
  • Your relationship doesn't sound very healthy if all you do is argue most of the time. Perhaps it is time for you to break up with him.

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