• Eventualy I realise and try to look at her face. But there have been difficult times when my gaze just keeps wandering to the "mountains of joy" :)
  • It's subconcious, but the alert ones of us realize what's happening pretty quick and tilt the head to correct it. ;)
  • I believe it is conscious decision. I am not going to sit here and tell you I do not look. However staring at them whilst you should be concentarting on the "T" zone of a woman's face is wrong.
  • i think they know they do it.. but cant help it..
  • Well, they kinda look like they have eyes.
  • Pardon me, were you talking?
  • I'm not a man, but I think it would have to be a conscious decision to continually do it. Sure, if a woman has nice cleavage, a man's eyes would be drawn there initially, but this wouldn't have to lead to staring. I think it's really a matter of self-control, which some men are obviously better at than others. :)
  • Nice boobs!......What was the question? LOL!
  • Personally, I try NOT to STARE. I DO glance ... probably frequently ... but I do NOT STARE! LOL Do we know? Oh yeah. Some guys think that staring at them will let you know they're interested. Some just stare and may not realize they're STARING. Trust me... We know they're there! LOL
  • I'm a leg guy, so I'm either looking low (in my opinion, the better part) or in the eyes.
  • I have always been rather large chest wise and so have had this happen to me most of my life. I tend to say, "hey, when they develop a mouth of their own and can talk then you can stare at them", or" nice aren't they? shame you will never see them again" and walk off.
  • If "most" men are staring at your chest when talking to you then I would suggest changing the tops you wear. Yes it happens occasionally, but not "most" of the time.
  • No, we don't realize it. As has been noted elsewhere on similar topics, there is a limited amount of blood in the male body. When we see a large-breasted woman, the blood rushes somewhere south of our navel and the brain gets starved. Hence, we stare vacantly and have no idea that we're doing it....;-D... . . .
  • I don't do it. That's too awkward. I would rather not be noticed doing that. But, if there is cleavage showing at all, there will be glances.
  • Some 'breasts' do attract looks, unlike the old days when women tried to minimize them, nowadays they tend to show off what they have. I'm sure I have been noted to stare at them, I tend to like smaller ones (a mouthful)!
  • they might not realize it
  • Both. But I still like to look! check out my avatar.

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