• Yep. Always. Day or night, open land or forest. A cloudy, dark sky can be a problem if you are in an unfamiliar area, but it can be solved if you have the knowlege and experience. In daylight it is easy, can always orient yourself to the sun. Knowing roughly what time it is can make it easy: morning, sun in east, face the sun, your left is north, your right is south, behind you is west. Evening: face the sun, your right is north, etc. At night, if it is clear, and you know your stars and constellations, it is still easy. Find the north star, Polaris,...your right is east and your left is west. This is true in all seasons. Most constellations will vary in their position through the year. But, if you know them, you can use them. If you are in a dense forest and can't see the sun, moon, or stars, look (or feel)for moss on the trees. If you are in the northern hemisphere, moss will be on the north side of a tree.
  • usually. it usually pays to have the sunlight overhead but other than that yea.
  • My mind has a natural compass (for magnetic north). Sometimes, if I ride on a subway train, I become disoriented for about three or four minutes but I can usually find my way after that.
  • Most of the time I can, out in nature or natural surroundings, but put me in a city with tall buildings and streets every which way and I get a might confused.
  • No. I am (unfortunately) directionally challenged but my new Blackberry GPS is a dream....
  • Yes, as a high level martial artist, I am very sensitive to many different types of energy ... static mostly, but I can sense magnets and can always tell you which way is north ... even in underground twisting caves ... I can grab the middle of a bunch of wires one at a time and tell you which one actually has current flowing and which ones are off ... and I specialize in accupressure and Chi massage therapy where I touch a person's body and trace their body energy to find health problems.
  • No... i get lost so easily.

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