• ew, no.
  • Answer removed ^^
  • I wouldnt think so. Ick.
  • Ok, if your dog's testicles are on the out side of his body, I'm almost certain that it is NOT an erection he is experiencing and should be taken to the vet, now!
  • If your dog was just bred the 2 lumps(Bulbus Glandis) you see on either side of his penis are very normal. Usually there penis will swell considerable you can go to and there are a few pictures you can compare it too. NOTE*** If his erection lasts more than an hour talk to your vet. Also keep him in a crate or somewhere safe where he cannot get dirt and debree on it until the swelling goes down.
  • That is called the bulbus glandis and you may want to look that term up! Yes, that is normal for that is what happens to the male right after he has inserted his penis into the female.
  • uh, i think you mean its his knot [bulbis glandis]. his balls are in a sack, with no way of getting into his penis sheath. whatever comes out of that is part of his penis. dogs have knots to tie with the females. that's to make sure she won't run and no other male can mate at the same time. even when not erected, you can see it, if you expose it from the sheath. hth.
  • Yes this is normal, don't worry about it, he will sort it out!
  • Did it look like this? I got scared when i saw this, this morning on my 6 month old boxer pup. I guess after reading this blog, that its normal. Holy Smoke what a tool!
  • Sounds like Rover got a hold of some Viagra there

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