• I taught her the method of sink or swim by throwing her in a creek from a bridge. Don't worry, I made sure it was safe.
  • i dont get the privalige to see my dog swim because shes terrified of water. go figure.
  • I've seen my dog TRY to swim. She jumped into a cold river and ran right back out. She ran right back to the cabin and I had to give her a warm shower and she sat on my wife's lap wrapped in a blanket. She's kind of a prissy girl at times.
  • I've owned Newfoundlands for years. They are water rescue dogs and used to pull nets and rescue fisherman. It's hard to keep them OUT of water, the love it so much. We have even trained a few in water rescue. They love to jump into water and pull people or boats back to shore. It's a lot of fun:-)
  • My dogs love to dont need to teach an dog to swim,they are not humans...its their natural abillity,they dont need any trainig for it...but some breeds will never swim....i have German Shepherd,Belgian Malinois and Black Lab and these breeds just love,they never get enough of it....they started to swim as early as 3 months of their age...beside it is the best excercise your dog can get...
  • All little dogs seem to know how to swim as soon as they hit the water.
  • They taught themselves how to swim..
  • I have three dogs, two love to swim the third hates it, dogs have a natural ability to swim!
  • Yes, he just jumped in and went for it. I don't think there is much difference in limb movement between dog paddle and walking.
  • At the YMCA. Dogs swim as soon as they touch water, it's an instinct. Most quadripeds swim if not all, including cats and elephants.
  • Sinbad my mixed breed jumped in the river the first time he saw it. he's cheeky though, he'll swim to the other side then bark for us to come get him with the boat, which he'll jump out of and swim when we get near shore.
  • he waded into the lake and saw a duck. follow the duck for about 100 ft along the shoreline. The duck got bored and flew away. He swam back to us and shook himself out,
  • One of my dogs sinks like a boulder, she really is afraid of the water but the other one just loves the water she jumped off our boat in the lake and just paddled away >to bad the people around were afraid of her now we have to take her to our creek or lake on our property.
  • Chezwick, a Lab mix used to *live* to swim. He dove into a neighborhood 'duck pond' on every nightly walk. Also, he really got into ice-melt streams in the Sierras. Like 33 degrees! Incredible! ;-)
  • They know instinctively, Doggie S. Yes, all my dogs knew how to swim. Some only did it when they needed too and one German Shepherd would hit the water as soon as he got the chance...He loved it. He also seemed to love shaking himself dry right next to me (lol).
  • I have seen them all swim in the river and in my parents pool, 2 love it, the bulldog, doesnt care for, but will put up with the water for a little while.
  • Our boxer hates water.

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