• call the cops before you get into trouble for kidnaping him. you can get into some series trouble if you dont let him out. just call the cops
  • breathe heavily on the other side of the door, bet that will scare him straight...
  • Go down there, and make him answer every question you have about him. Get him to explore himself, and the reasons for committing his crime. Help him, because turning to crime must mean he is in a situation where e needs help. Either that or give him a rubber knife, tell him to run at you, and beat the shit out of him for breaking into your fucking house!
  • Let him out. On second thought, keep him for ransom money. And then send me half of what you make.
  • A few days ago! OMG I hope you are kidding, otherwise it is you who has now become the criminal. Let him go and pray he doesn't call the police on you.
  • Be careful... It COULD be a trick. (You HAVE been giving him food and water, right? There's a bathroom down there?) ;-) I sincerely HOPE that you are as serious as my answer. (I'm joking... Hopefully YOU are too! - If not, YOU have committed a crime (kidnapping).)
  • so he's been in the cellar for a few days? WTF???
  • Start flooding the cellar. Just to scare him, you know.
  • Ask him if he prefers to be sold to a cannibal as food, or to a slaver as a work slave, or to a violent gang as a practice target ... or, how much is he willing to bribe you for you to turn him over to the cops instead ... but tell him, either way, you need to make some money off of him ...
  • You're required by law to call the police right away. If this is all true and I was in your place I would just let him go. It's mutual blackmail because both of you are criminals now.
  • call the cops. holding him in your celler is not going to help you any.
  • You've seen the Saw movies right?
  • You should say, "It puts the lotion on it's skin or else it gets the hose again. Yes she will Precious, she'll get the hose. It puts the lotion in the basket, it does this whenever it's told." HA!
  • Put a tv down there and play episodes of Full House so he can gain some moral background! *how crazy would it be if this WAS true and we are feeding him crazy ideas!! Just came to my head..
  • u should let him go.. if u dont, then he can press charges for being kidnapped while attempting to rob ur place... im serious dude.. he is going to get charged with attempted robbery, and u are going to get charged with kidnapp... u'll see..
  • I sincerely hope you have called the police, way before now. If you have "jailed" this person for a "few days", you are just as guilty of kidnapping as he is committing the burglary. Your procedure is illegal.
  • let him guarantee he wont come back and if u tell on him he will tell on you and yall will both be in trouble...exept youll probly be in a little more trouble!!!!!!!!1
  • HA wow, really, if i could kidnap ppl wen they wronged me, id have my cellar full of ppl...ur kidnapping a minor, so ur an idiot, srry but u are...let the kid out, if he tries anything, shoot him, ur already going to jail for kidnapping, go out with a goddamn bang...
  • Have a wank in the garden, that will show him.

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