• Keep dog treats near you while eating. George sounds like my cat Nellie. Nellie will get up at you, tilt her head, lick her lips and even touch you with her paw so you give her a handout.
  • Never feed your dog while you are eating. If you want to give him some of your dinner, set it aside on your plate and give it to him after you are through. Make him go lay down. I send my dogs to their beds when they start to beg while we eat, but they have learned that when we're done eating, we'll bring some bites of our food to them.
  • when my lady is around I death stare and with firm voice ...and say no !... when she's out of the room its ..sshhhhh don't tell mum
  • When I decide that I don't want the dogs around during mealtime, I get them to go away by making them back-up. Typically a dog will follow you into the room when you are taking food in. While he is still standing, set your food down and turn around toward your dog. Walk straight at him, moving slowly and gently, but in such a way as to block his ability to go to the right or left. Make him back away from your eating area to a distance you are comfortable with. Once he is far enough back, tell him to sit and stay. Head back to your dinner. If he starts to get up, turn around and block his path. Tell him to sit and stay again. I sometimes share, so my dogs like to hang around, but they also recognize when they are being told to back off.(:
  • What i would do is get a treat and throw it somewhere far and run into your room and finish your food.
  • George sounds too precious and I'm probably not the one to answer, (because I give in all the time), but try different doggie treats for him. That *may* help, but they are wise, aren't they?! :)
  • The only way I know of is to put them in another room.
  • We just snap our fingers and ask them with a TssshhhT to leave the room or go lie down over there and they do it. It helps that we don't feed them at the table, ever! Guests have without our okay and we don't like that. But it's something we never start so we don't have the problem. The pets know that after dinner, when we're done or the next morning, is when they get theirs.
  • Stop giving in to his begging. Eventually he will learn that begging doesn't get him treats.
  • Try to keep your dog out of the room whilst eating. Or ensure that no one gives him any food whilst you eat. If it learns that it gets nothing to eat from begging, the behaviour will fade as it isn't rewarded. Give your dog something to distract it whilst you eat, such as a 'kong' toy stuffed with treats of some kind. It will learn that not begging you for food is more rewarding, as it gets something rather than begging and getting nothing at all :)
  • persistance is the key i think. You should never give him anything of what you eating no matter what your dog does and how much he wants it. I know i know they make the cute puppy eyes and they make this really sweet noise and sometimes you cant stop yourself. But thats ruining the dog. MY puppy always used to beg for food. He still does sometimes. But that rarely happens. Try this: Do not look him in the eye when you are eating and absolutely ignore him. No matter what he does do not even give him a little tiny weeny piece of your food. Just ignore him. If hes really nagging you buy a play dice for dogs, thats when they play with it some treats come out of it. That would take his mind off your food. If youre serious about teaching your dog to stop begging, you must never spoil it by giving up. Otherwise you will have hell when you eat.
  • Don't give in to him or put him out of the room.He will eventually learn not to bother you.
  • Dogs can learn not (or just) to beg with certain persons. If you don't want it to beg with you don't ever give it anything. The begging will get worse first (he'll just think he has to work harder) but that's the sign your on the right way. Dark side of this method is that if you cave when he gets worse you've taught him to be a better beggar.
  • Never, ever give them a titbit off your plate, once you do it they have you! I think the best thing is to totally ignore them if they are not too close, if they get too close make them back up and lay down. At this point dogs should be like children....seen and never heard!
  • the best way i got my dogs out of begging, for food is make sure everyone eats at the table, a good tip is to feed your dog in a seperate place, as you sit down to eat, and do not give scraps at the table. no matter how much he begs, he will soon get bored, then he will stop begging. john
  • persiverance is the key, don't give in and they get the message. our dog now lies under the table till we've finished. we only feed her in the kitchen and only in her dish, you must be firm!
  • My dog would do the same. She was adorable when she begged. I had to resist to the adorable face! Just say no, and don't give her anything, after awhile she will stop. If you continue to give her food, she will continue her behavior.
  • My dog has learned that if she begs she wont get anyones leftovers. So she doesnt beg. Just sleeps by the table so she can be around her peoples. :D We used a spray bottle at first, now we dont even have to spray her. If you pick it up she stops what shes doing wrong.

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