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  • Agree , but you choose to let that person do that.
  • I had a situation at work that reminded me of this... One of my coworkers started getting involved with a guy from the stock team. The problem was he was already married, but he promised to leave his wife for my coworker. Well, word got around between the other employees, and everyone called my coworker a homewrecker... Although I did lose much of my respect for her because she helped destroy a marriage, it was also his choice. Now, most of the rumors have quieted down, but the two of them still act like lovers. It bothers me mostly when they're behaving like that while "on the clock" and around customers. So, to answer your question more clearly, I think that both of them share the blame for the failure of his marriage, because she chose to fool around with him, and he chose to betray his wife and family.
  • correct
  • Agree.
  • You are correct.
  • sure you can its called using someone money talks
  • I agree completely! We are all responsible for our own actions, and only for our own actions!
  • Agree.
  • It may not be a complete theft but it is possible for someone to plot and connive themselves into someone's life and get as close to a steal as possible. I've seen it done, by someone just for the fun of it. But it broke up a couple with empty promises and changed 4 people's lives forever, just so someone could prove a point. Very sad!
  • I agree and disagree at the same time. Example: Sally and Joel are in a relationship. Joel decides he doesn't like Sally. Joel ends up talking to Mary. Mary happens to be Sally's best friend. Joel ends up falling for Mary and Mary ends up falling for Joel. Joel ends up breaking up with Sally and starts dating Mary. Sally got mad and went around telling everyone that Mary stole her boyfriend. Sally and Mary's friendship is destroyed over it. The truth: Mary never stole Joel from Sally. Joel just liked Mary better. ----- The difference comes when they are married. ----- Sally and Joel are married. Joel decides he doesn't like Sally. Joel ends up talking to Mary. Mary happens to be Sally's best friend. Joel ends up falling for Mary and Mary ends up falling for Joel. Joel ends up sneaking off with Mary, even though Mary knows that Joel is married to Sally. Sally finds out and tells people that her best friend is helping her husband cheat on her (and therefore, she is stealing him from her). The truth: Sally is right because she is married to Joel. ----- Just my thoughts..
  • If you choose to be a party to their leaving you are no better than a petty thief a robber. A robber trespasses upon the house, property, or person of another, and makes away with things.
  • G'day Gingerminx, Thank you for your question. While it is their choice to leave, you can seek to encourage them to leave and woo them. Often, you will already have slept with them. It is a two way street. Regards
  • Agreed. But that doesn't make it any more acceptable to pursue someone known to be married/committed. If someone is willing to be 'stolen' he/she should step aside and let his/her partner find a more deserving relationship.
  • I think it's possible for someone outside a relationship to try and interfere or alienate your partner's affections. But, ultimately, it's your partner who engages the interference, so, yes, the partner chooses to leave. I agree.
  • Is that mean a married person can't fall in love again ? What if the married couple's relationship isn't working before one of them found an another person who supports, love & understand this person ? Can't they be together ? "Divorce" is not a new word in this modern world. I personally think that if a marriage is not working, then there's nothing wrong in marrying someone whom would find supportive, caring & loving. But dumping the partner cuz you found someone would be an ideal thing to do. And it also depends on personal suitation & background.. So, i don't want to judge anyone cuz everyone's life is different. There's no common solution for everyone.

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