• Agree! He who buys what he does not need steals from himself.
  • thats true
  • Not at all it means "Please buy this junk and get it off my hands"
  • Too bad we cannot post pictures or images. I have one that shows someone exhausted and crawling to a sale and with tracks in the sand behind that one.
  • You're being a simpleton. "On Sale" just means "worth a look at this price". It's up to the consumer to make that decision, if it is. Also, "On Sale" does not always mean "best price around," remember. I had one friend who got rid of his old stock by simply writing "on sale" on the stock - despite it being the same price before the "sale".
    • Linda Joy
      I'm tired of you calling me names. I've asked you not to do this repeatedly. From now on every time you call anyone names I'm going to report your answer as being offensive. Please don't answer anymore of my questions if you can't act like an adult and refrain from calling names.
  • The biggest problem is that "sale" is often misleading when it is "off original* price," but not necessarily lower than prior discounts. *By law, the item must have been offered at "original price" at least once prior to the advertised sale, though no actual sale at that price needs to have occurred.
  • Agree........

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