• Depends on the weapon used, the ammo used. You could use a low powered pistol and death may take several hours. However using a shotgun death could be over in an instant.
  • Well, definitely what type of gun, but also the position. There are people that survive this. Oprah had a guest with a woman who was being beaten by her husband and tried to kill her. It was very sad.
  • It depends on how much damage you make, there have been cases of people who tried to kill themselves by self inflicted gunshots and lived, i guess it depends on the position you put the gun to fire and the weapon.
  • Depends on the angle and whether or not the following happens: The hypothalamus is struck and the resulting tissue damage IMMEDIATELY shuts down all body and brain function. Counter-terrorist units and police/military snipers consider this the ultimate target neutralizing contingency.

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