• Some of them do! I think it's due to social conditioning, men are expected to cope on their own whereas it is more 'acceptable' for women to ask for help.
  • cuz they are men but why the women do the same
  • All men are inherently slydexic. After asking direction they, the information is processed and they feel there is no need to stop and ask again.
  • Because I have a GPS device. I don't need no damn instructions.
  • It's an ego thing...
  • Think about this for a moment, and the answer should be obvious. Who is he going to ask? Another guy? You think a man wants to stop and in effect admit to a guy "I'm not quite man enough to stand up to my girlfriend / wife and tell her that I can find this place on my own, can you tell me where it is, please?" Or he could ask a woman ... who will have to ask a man. No, we don't do that.
  • It's not manly to admit you need help with something as simple as finding something. It makes then feel inferior and weak.
  • They are too proud to admit they need help.
  • It may sound weird...but I saw a documentary on TV in which it was said that it goes attached to some part of our primitive it goes back thousands of years ago when men went out hunting while women stayed in the caves taking care of the kids. They went out, knew what they had in mind, did it and came back, without any need of asking anything. It sounds like pure BS, but it is interesting.....
  • No need to, they know how to open that bra. If not they just rip it
  • That is a very puzzling age old question. I do not know the answer but I would like to take a guess. Once a man sits behind the wheel of their vehicle a chemical reaction kicks on in their brain. All sense of time and location shuts down and the need to control where they are or where they are supposed to be completely turns off. It is like a dog being in a vehicle who needs to stick their nose out the window and let their tongue hang out while going at top speed down the road. All I can say is sit back and enjoy the scenery, it's going to be a very long ride.
  • hehe I'm usually the one who doesn't want to stop.
  • We never really feel we're lost - See LOL
  • Because they want to show off.
  • I stop and ask for directions if I need to. Not all men are the same.
  • If I am lost i will stop and ask for directions. I can't see the point in wasting time driving around for hours when I can stop for five seconds and just ask someone.
  • I'll stop and ask directions when I need to, but arriving at that point is not an easy thing, and here is why: It isn't ego or pride-at least not for most guys. It's about not wanting to advertise a position of genuine weakness. Think about it. The person you ask will be on their own home turf, unless you're having a REALLY unlucky day. They become a potential assailant, because they have the advantage of KNOWLEDGE. You don't want them to know they have an advantage. One of the greatest fears any human being can have is to be attacked when they don't know where they are, with no friendly faces in sight, and no way to tell someone who will help WHERE THEY ARE! Men are naturally more suspicious than women, and even if they've never pondered the question "why do I hate to ask directions?", this innate wariness is at work.
  • When it's crunch time and the chips are down that's when it's time to cowboy up and grow a pair; it's when a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. That means hanging tough and walking tall. And NOT asking for directions.
  • I don't understand my husband with this one. A few weeks ago my he prefered to drive for ages round Dundee rather than stop and ask. This man is usually an intellligent and rational person with no obvious macho pretenses.
  • I don't know but it drives me insane!!! I'd rather ask somebody and save on the petrol!
  • I do....but some say "I'm not lost, I'm just taking the scenic route".
  • Because we don't need to just like we don't need to look at instructions to put together flat pack furniture - It's instinct.
  • I have no problem asking for directions when I need them... 2 women have griped at me for it. one said we don't have time and I responded "ok, here's the road.... which way are we supposed to go on this road" she didn't know. the other was my wife and she thought it was embaressing that I would roll down a window and just ask the car next to me. that said, I rarely ask because I rarely need directions. if I have a google map I never need directions. heck, I hunted down the train station (which I had never been to) in seattle to say goodbye to my wife using just an address and street signs. heck, she was trying to steer me wrong and attempted to send me to tacoma.
  • If it's me, it's because I'm not going anywhere. I always ask for directions (when I was being made I declined the internal compass in favor of larger genitalia)

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