• Having 3 dogs.... that poop A LOT!! I would have to answer YES!!!!
  • Nope, it will never love me the way my REAL chiuahuas do! A little poop is no big deal, would you buy a babydoll that acted like the real thing rather than having the real thing? To some, their dogs/cats ARE their babies.
  • no way. a robot dog can never replace the real thing. How can you snuggle with something made of plastic, metal, and computer parts?
  • No. It is not the same as having another living thing loving you that in a sense, you can't manipulate into loving you. Plus, no matter how much AI you would create, it would not be the same randomness as any living brain. It will be too logical, every small thing calculated. It will always feel fake to hear it bark, or wag its tail. And eventually, you will probably get bored of it. With an animal, you don't get as bored because they don't just shut off and leave you alone.
  • It would have to be just as cute as the real thing.
  • Not unless it comes with a robot mailman and you know the rest!
  • Woody Allen tried that in "Sleeper." Woof! Woof! Woof! Hello, I'm Rags.
  • If it came with a maintenance contract then yes.

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