• Venus1485
      No NO No!
  • Not if they don't want to be? Should Coke have to sell Pepsi out of their machines? No. There are too many things to keep up with in Western medicine as it is, let's not add to the Continuing Education.
  • I think they need to be open to other things besides allopathic medicine. They are not the sacred guardians of all medical knowledge.
    • Venus1485
      Opening your mind to nonsense is bad.
    • Franco333
      Closemindeness before you know for certain it is nonsense is way worse.
  • First they should get more than one class in med school on nutrition and pharmaceuticals. Then, yes, they should be made aware of the various options, applicability and pros and cons of nutritional supplements, chiropractic, acupuncture, etc. I don't believe it will happen though. It puts patients over profits. Doctors get kickbacks, perks, etc. for pushing certain drugs, drug companies and are dissuaded from using anything not FDA- approved. I also think DRs should be required to take refreshers and update courses to keep up with modern developments, procedures, etc.
    • Venus1485
      Those things don't work.
  • NO, they should be kept as two separate fields! MDs have too much they're expected to do as it is! Take a Chiropractor for example, who on average gets 563 hours of training in spinal manipulation, compared to an MD who gets, on average, 0 hours of training in spinal manipulation. Which would you rather see for back pain?
    • Venus1485
      A real doctor, not a fake one.
  • I think families should be trained in the areas of alternative medicine, Poor lifestyle choices are the cause of many diseases.
    • ReiSan
      There is no evidence that alternative medicine is more than placebo.
  • No, because alternative medicines do not work.
  • The only reason alternative medicine practices are not adopted by conventional medicine is that when the practices are tested they do not work or not enough to be reliable. The success stories I have seen in this regard are probably true but other people do not consistently get similar results. I do not want a doctor treating me with practices that work occasionally for some people. The practices clearly do work some of the time and people are free to seek out alternative medicine if they want.
  • only if they want to
  • No, there's no evidence that alternative medicines really work. They're no more than placebos in scientific studies.
  • thats up to them if they want to be trained in it or not

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