• No, I am identical to my avatar and my AB personality in real life.
  • Yep... I'm more of a "watcher" and listener in real life. I'm a bit more gregarious here. However, in real life, if asked the same questions, I would think I would answer the same as I do here.
  • I would say it is equal however I do talk to more people online....seems like a lot of people know a little about me online and a few people know a lot about me in real life!!
  • I am the same either way
  • I think I'm more open online and kinda shy offline.
  • I would say that the difference between conversations on-line or in person is like the difference of drinking or not. Truth is never attached to a number. That number .08% and it only likes to tell an exaggeration of the truth, A transitive verb to make something appear more noticeable or prominent than is usual or desirable
  • I might flirt a little more....but really am this way in real life also.
  • Nah, I'm pretty much the same all over. I am the open book you hear people speak of.
  • No. I don't tell everybody everything, either online or in person. I have to really KNOW the person, and online you can't really know. There are ABers I think I'd tell ANYTHING to, if I knew them in person - but only one-on-one, not broadcast to everybody who happens to be on.
  • Not really, I am a pretty easy going, easy to get along with person :)
  • It really depends on who I am talking to and where I am. There are people I know in person who I prefer talking to on MSN and there are also people in person I prefer talking to in person instead of MSN if that even makes any sense.
  • I'm pretty open only to one of you guys in person, but I really clam up around the people in real life.
  • In a real life setting I am extremely reserved, unless I feel very very comfortable around who I am with and where I am interacting. I can be VERY outspoken with folks I am comfortable with, but very shy and tend to hold back in larger crowds or with folks I don't know all that well. Many here know I can be pretty damn bold on here, when a subject is troubling to me, or I see people being unnecessarily abusive.
  • I'm the real me whereever I am.
  • Most certainly.
  • Mmm, I don't think so. I find it harder to sort of 'express myself' online, actually. God, that sounded weird. Anyways, I talk more in real life. And I sometimes find myself sort of changing my sense of humour a little bit. Because I'm generally really sarcastic, and I'm not here. I don't want people to take me the wrong way.
  • Yes and no. I think I'm more likely to talk to strangers online than in real life, where I am reserved and keep to myself for the most part. The things I say online, (all silliness aside) I would repeat to anyone if engaged in conversation.
  • I'm bold when it comes to having fun and playing or trying to make others feel good or when it comes to taking up for others. As far as giving someone bad news or asking for a favor, I'm not good at that at all.
  • I am more open in an online setting than I am in a real life setting. I've decided.

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