• Why haven't you filed taxes? I assume you are self employed or getting paid under the table or earning your money illegally. If you have been getting a regular paycheck, they would be taking out taxes for you. Have you had deductions made from your paycheck, but just haven't filed a tax return? If so, it's possible that the reason you haven't been caught yet is that they actually owe you money. You need to get with a good tax accountant or even H & R Block to get them to calculate taxes due (or refunds due you). The accountant or an attorney can set up a payment plan with IRS for you. You'll have to pay back taxes and interest as well as penalties. If you have a job, they will probably garnish your wages to get the back taxes. If you don't they will probably put a lien on anything you own - a car maybe. It is possible for them to put you in jail, but that is a last resort because that won't get them the money. So, to start with you need to find out how much you will owe - maybe you'll be surprised and get a refund.
  • If you have not filed because you don't make enough money TO file, then you may have money coming back to you, even if you paid nothing in. They can amend or create forms for up to 3 years backwards. However, IRS can audit up to 7 years backwards. If you have dependants, you can file and get government help for medical, and possibly food stamps. PLEASE Do not go to H&R BLOCK.. 85% of all those that file through them are audited because the employees are not well trained. I saw that on the TV news and also a report on surveys on radio. Do have a consultation with a tax expert. If you have taxes owed, you can make up a plan to repay without being procecuted. They only procecute when refusal to pay is the situation. Make sure you have paperwork!!Proof of income and expenses.

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