• In playing a game, losing with no points whatsoever.
  • "Getting Skunked" is equivalent to drawing the short stick and getting the worst chore possible... you know... the one where all your friends are getting to exercise the horses while you get to scoop the poop from the barn...
  • To me it means, getting the raw end of a deal -- not a good thing... :-(
  • I know what it means for sports--a big zero--but in normal conversation I've heard it to mean getting the worst end of a deal (like the end of a skunk). A good analogy.
  • We play cribbage, so to us 'getting skunked' means getting beaten by more than thirty points.
  • To lose a game without scoring a single point, or to lose a series without winning a single game. Please excuse me if this is a duplicate. I submitted this before but as far as I can tell, it didn't 'take'.
  • Getting no points.

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